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Some of the best comfort food (particularly breakfast) in Atlanta hides in plain sight near Spaghetti Junction in a hole-in-the-wall office park. Opened just weeks prior to the pandemic pandemonium, The Little Farmhouse Cafe sits worlds away from an actual farm (it actually offers front-row seating of Atlanta's notorious interstate traffic) but the cuisine comes with just the sort teleporting powers you need to leave the Wicked City and visit a cozy bucolic setting in your mind.

Located in PREP, a 200,000 square foot office park for anything/everything for a cooking-related business, it's easy to miss The Little Farmhouse even though it faces I-85. From the highway (and even up close for that matter), Prep appears to be a We Work-like operation of shared and private kitchens for Atlanta chefs, restaurants, food trucks and bakers. But once you immerse yourself, the environment feels like a culinary artist colony sprinkled with actual operating restaurants like The Little Farmhouse. Get past the impersonal strip mall experience and you can find some real epicurean gems back there.

Chef Chris Morrison decided he was ready to do his own versions of New American, Southern and French cuisine, having completed a Le Cordon Bleu education and learning the business side of restaurants as a special events Whole Foods chef. The guy loves his craft, turning even the simplest dish into something crave-worthy with zesty little spins that makes them exceptional and unique. Recently I devoured a salmon and shitake mushroom burger that was a savory overload. He also does stunning in-house smoked brisket topped with a red wine BBQ sauce that's joined by a 6-cheese mac-n-cheese that's worthy of the #heartattackonaplate hashtag. Gourmet burgers and sandwiches like the salmon BLT are all next-level artisan quality; I have just begun my exploration of the menu but so far everything has been top shelf.

And in a year where we need all the comfort we can get, doesn't breakfast just warm the soul? The Little Farmhouse Cafe invokes the kind of love of the first meal of the day that it deserves and frankly showboats around morning muchie's greatest hits: Farm fresh omelets, beignets, fried croissants, fried chicken biscuits and obscenely decadent ricotta pancakes are show-stopping and rib-sticking. To breakfast devotees, this will be your Graceland, your Mecca, your north star.

Open Wednesday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch (9am or 10am-3pm), don't expect to breeze in and out on the weekends (unless you come after 1pm). The word is out, the lines are real. But if you set your GPS and have patience, your palate will rejoice.

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