The recent tsunami of what's been called "Eatertainment" has been plowing through the Atlanta scene. Whether it's high-end dining and drinking around bowling, darts, golf and even coming soon, pickleball, clearly Atlantans have an appetite to eat, drink and play all at once. Well, now it feels like the roaring 20s all over again at the all-new Damsel, which is a next-generation cabaret and supper club located on the West Side in the Chattahoochee Works.

This is a super ambitious effort, and I was frankly blown away. It's a 10,000-square-foot, 2-level art deco build and they spent the budget to make this space plush and special. The main experience is the cabaret dinner and show. Here's how it works to see the show:

Tuesday-Thursday dinner and show costs $80 per person (drinks and gratuity not included). Friday-Saturday $120/person (drinks & gratuity not included). Cabaret performances begin at 6pm and run intermittently throughout your dinner experience. You sit down, order drinks, and pick from 13 decadent small plates—items like beef Wellington, A-5 wagyu sashimi, scallops served on a half shell, "lobster cones," wagyu sliders and more. You can order your favorite 8 dishes. Then over two hours, the plates come out and you watch some cabaret numbers. Then more plates, then more show. Then more plates. The two hours fly by and the entertainment is fabulous. Short, tightly choreographed numbers with singing and dancing and fantastic costumes. The material is mostly PG-13 but it can get a little naughty at times. The choreographer's resume includes Broadway, the Superbowl, Grammy's and Oscars so he's a heavy hitter who designed a world-class show. At the end of the dinner and show, they give you a poker chip which grants you access to the rooftop bar where small dessert bites await. It's quite the bang for the buck.

In addition to the show there are many other ways to enjoy Damsel without the 2-hour commitment:

BAR AND ROOFTOP BAR: Sip on carefully crafted cocktails while basking in the allure of our art deco surroundings. Then head upstairs for rooftop desserts, dining, and Damsel's Midnight Breakfast.

MEMBER'S-ONLY UPSTAIRS CLUB: Elevate your experience with exclusive access to our Members-Only Upstairs Club. A sanctuary of sophistication, this space is reserved for those seeking the epitome of luxury and privacy.

WEEKEND DANCE PARTY: As the night unfolds, Damsel transforms into a late-night haven for dance enthusiasts with our 70s/80s/90s Dance Party Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Let loose on the dance floor as nostalgic beats fill the air, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.

SMALL-PLATE DINING TO LATE-NIGHT REVELRY: From small-plate dining and mesmerizing spectacles to late-night cocktailing and dancing, Damsel offers a spectrum of experiences to suit every taste. Our classy-sexy, art deco space is designed to be a canvas for unforgettable moments.Join us at Damsel, where every night is an exploration of sophistication, excitement, and the art of celebration. Experience the extraordinary - experience Damsel.

Damsel swings for the fences and connects--this is clearly something many have craved. We have some good theater, we have some great restaurants but no one has put it all together and certainly not at this level. Look for Damsel to rock the scene for some time to come.

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