The Buttery

You'll know you found it when you find the door that says, "incredibly pleasing delicious things." The Buttery ATL is the ultimate foodie speakeasy, an off-the-beaten-path chance to acquire pieces of Chef Linton Hopkins' culinary brilliance. It's the definition of a hole in the wall…but it's more like an Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole (they do offer fresh rabbit to take home and braise by the way) with a pot of culinary gold at the end of the rainbow.

I came across the Buttery while I checking out another hidden gem, The Queso Shop. As I sat there eating tacos in a super-hidden enclave of townhomes and small industrial buildings and feeling like I had really stumbled upon something, another patron told me about this super-cool little gourmet shop around the corner that was really hard to find. "Look for a gate that appears like you'd never drive in there." Um, OK. So I proceeded around the corner, located the open security gate and voila.

Fresh breads, butchery, biscuits, soups, creams, cakes, charcuterie, spices and blends, sauces, sandwiches, curated chef kits (including the fabled H&F Burger kits). The on-site cheesemonger will teach you more about cheese than Wikipedia ever could. But the real bounty are the take-home meals available every night. Starting at $30-$50 these meals for two include the legendary Restaurant Eugene Signature vegetable plate. This dish launched a whole movement for southern vegetables and is yours for pickup on Mondays. Other meals include salt and pepper roasted chicken, mountain trout and beef bourguignon.

But even just a quick stop in for perhaps the greatest donut on earth—a maple glaze masterpiece is worth the visit. The place is dripping with little treasures and inspirations. Set your GPS and enjoy!

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