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Recently I have talked about how the pandemic accelerated the rise of ghost/virtual kitchens demonstrating that with technology, the old adage of "location, location, location" might not be as critical for restaurants; in fact, with cheaper rents restaurant margins might final pencil out in their favors. The brand new location of The Queso Shop is exhibit A.

From the guys who launched the now-famous Yumbii food truck a decade ago, a magnificent Korean/Mexican fusion with wild flavor profile tacos and burritos eventually added a brick-and-mortar location in Brookwood Hills and then Toco Hills. Next in 2017 came the The Queso Truck, a more traditional another big hit so now, naturally, the evolution would be to open a terrestrial location.

Tucked away off of Cheshire Bridge Road in a building you will absolutely need GPS to find, The Queso Shop operates as a new takeout window with online ordering, delivery and walk-up service in Atlanta's Piedmont Heights neighborhood (2127 Liddell Drive). Think Tex-Mex basics like creamy queso, tacos, quesadillas, salsas, sides, rotisserie chicken, handmade churros and more.

I devoured Carne Asada Tacos; Pork Belly tacos with jack cheese, onion & salsa verde; an incredible Mexican Chopped Salad with chopped kale, avocado, radish, pumpkin seed, cilantro, blackened corn, queso fresco & avocado-lime crema. Pro tip: a Mexican Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal is available daily after 4pm, while supplies last, to serve groups of three to four featuring a glorious Mexican-spiced Rotisserie Chicken served with flour tortillas, choice of two sides, salsa verde, chips & queso. The beverage menu features to-go margarita mix and other non-alcoholic beverages. A "secret" menu offers a Surfer's Burrito filled with tots, queso, charro beans, pico, guacamole & crema and Loaded Crispy Tots or Nachos with queso, choice of protein, charro beans, pico, guacamole & crema.

The Queso Shop is now open at 2127 Liddell Drive daily from 11am-9pm or until supplies run out. The menu can be ordered for delivery via GrubHub and DoorDash, and is also available for pick-up orders on thequesoshop.com via ChowNow. The beloved brand's well-known and brightly-painted food trucks will continue to pop up all over the city.

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