The Savory Gourmet

Yo! New Yorkers listen up: if you have a hankering for real New York deli food you can fuhgeddaboudit! The new Savory Gourmet located just off the square in downtown Alpharetta channels a New York-style "pork store," a deli/market serving hot and cold sandwiches, pizza, bagels and more. Ask a Yankee what they miss most about home and most will tell you it's food like this.

Sourcing meats from the same provider as the original Katz Deli in Manhattan, Savory Gourmet assembles New York stacks, sandwiches of savory cold cuts piled to ridiculous heights-corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and a glorious Reuben. Then you have hot sandwiches like the melty-cheesy meatball, veal or eggplant parmigiana served on a baguette or over pasta. Also, try one of their beautiful little gourmet pizzas, salads and even breakfast sandwiches served on Davidovich Bagels shipped in from New York. Wash it all down with a Dr. Brown's soda and for dessert, NY classic black and white cookies, rainbow cookies or even a decadent slice of cheesecake shipped straight from the famous Carnegie Deli. These are all staples that will have New Yorkers drooling and they are executed perfectly by Brooklyn native, Adam Hyzdu.

Where the Savory Gourmet does surpass a traditional pork store is in its charming market. Adorably arranged and exquisitely stocked, the market provides an incredible place to grab-and-go chef-prepared meals, gourmet cheeses and sauces, and boujee bric-a-brac and cookery for purchase. It's got the perfect amount of south-of-the-Mason/Dixon-line flair to complement the northern menu. or transplants asking where to go to scratch that NYC deli itch, the Savory Gourmet will be my answer from now on.

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