Remember the days when disputes could be solved with a simple game of rock, scissors, paper? Life feels just that simple at the new Roshambo, the "Diner's Diner" located in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center in Buckhead (in case you were wondering, roshambo is the traditional name for rock, paper, scissors). Roshambo is the owners' (who also own Muss and Turners and Local Three) "love letter to Atlanta," part comfort food shrine and part pre-1996 Olympic time capsule. The front of the house feels like a bougie gastropub with a handsome bar with subtle nods to the Atlanta skyline. Toward the back is a second room dubbed "side hustle" which is adorned with decorative plates on the walls with Atlanta icons like the late Willy B who used to be Zoo Atlanta's star attraction. In the far back, towards the restrooms, photos of other heritage symbols like "The Wolfman," Dale Murphy and other "if you know, you know" Atlanta legends hang on the walls. But the most nostalgic thing to me is their shrine to Turtles Records and Tapes, the former Atlanta music retail dynasty (I worked at the one on Powers Ferry Road in 1985-86). Please bring in your own cassette from home and put it on the wall! But once you have combed through the bric-a-brac and it's time to eat, that's where Roshambo really shines. Order standard breakfast-lunch-dinner classics all day—fluffy omelets, chicken parmesan, and a dynamite burger are a few of the monster-portion, perfectly executed mainstays. But it's not just the classics—daily specials include lobster enchiladas, duck meatloaf, and braised short ribs so you know can journey off the beaten path as you like. And if you and your squad are feeling extra festive, order the "Bucket O' Chicken"—a whole bird cut 8 ways and served with enough fixings for 4. Also, make a b-line for their happy hour (Monday-Friday 3-6 pm for $10 half-dozen oysters and a special hot chicken biscuit with pepper Jack cheese and bourbon peach jam. The sign on the front of the restaurant declares that Roshambo is for "locals and passers-through." This is perfectly stated. If you are a rare pre-Olympics local, you will find a wonderful portal back to a simpler time when the city felt small(er). If you are a newbie, even you will not be able to resist the whimsical charms and serious Southern hospitality that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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