That buzz you're hearing in the ATL right now sounds like a golfball swirling around a cup. But make no mistake, this is NOT your father's mini-golf experience.

Puttshack just opened in Midtown West, elevating the beloved pastime to new heights. Enter the massive 2-story space and get ready for a tech-infused, mini-golf experience that finally belongs in the 21st century. Puttshack is part Dave and Busters, part Top Golf and part Punch Bowl Social--an arcade-like atmosphere on a grand scale with a fantastic take on a classic game. Kids (under 21) are welcome to enter until 8 pm (and then must be out of the building by 9 pm) and then the fun really starts.

No more hotdogs and funnel cakes--this is a menu of global-inspired comfort foods including poutine, wood-fired octopus, Korean pork bao buns as well as some good ole USA favs like flatbreads, burgers, and a fried chicken Cobb salad. Libations? No more swilling cans of Budweiser (um, actually you can get a can of Bud if you want it--some things are sacred I guess). This is a full bar with a long list of bougie cocktails like the Porn Star Martini, the Hennessy Island, and even a Smoking Negroni (yes, the one where they burn the wood chips and immerse the drink in the smoke).

Technology, both in the course designs as well in the scoring translates into a game-changing experience of mini-golf. It's all gone digital starting with the chip-infused ball which is sanitized and then linked to your personal game profile. You grab a putter, your little "smart" ball, and then take on the challenges ahead! The ball's sensor keeps track of your strokes, your pitfalls and whatever bonuses you accrue, ultimately meaning you can say goodbye to that annoying little pencil and scorecard. Three 9-hole courses not only bring daunting designs (foosball! Beer pong! Pac Man! Quizes!) but also LED screens and moving targets providing a myriad of ways to risk/reward yourself to victory or defeat. Your group's progress through the course is broadcast on big screens (like bowling or at Top Golf) so groups will enjoy trash talk along the way.

Some games are timeless and mini-golf is one of them. But let's face it: whacking it through the clown's mouth was getting old. Puttshack brings the game into the new millennium with panache, energy and style. Fun for kids but really more for young adults, look for more locations soon!

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