The Chick-Fil-A cows say, "eat more chicken" and if Passador Brazilian Steakhouse had a mascot it'd surely be a chicken imploring you to "eat more cows!" This new churrascaria offers a salad bar with more than 30 items as a warmup for the cavalcade of meat that is brought to you and served tableside. Flip a small disk at your seat to the green side and prepare for servers to bring you prime cuts of sirloin, filet mignon, rack of lamb, pork sausage, rib eye, shrimp, bacon-wrapped chicken, beef ribs and more. For the price of one filet mignon at a decent steakhouse, you can gorge on all you can eat salads and meats ($42.50 for dinner, $28.50 for lunch). And the meats are all wonderful, juicy and flavorful—like most Brazilian steakhouses they are salted and roasted over a mesquite charcoal flame. The challenge is knowing when to stop. When I leave this earth I want to say I "died with the green side up!"

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