Restaurant openings seem to come in waves and after what seemed to be a dearth of new sushi openings, we are now seeing more and more including ones that specialize in something called omakase which is a multi-course prix fixe menu that is totally the chef's choice. This experience is usually an artful journey through a dozen or more "courses" which can vary from small savory dishes to single bites of exquisite nigiri sushi.

One of the most recent openings is Norifish in Sandy Springs which offers both omakase and a la carte Japanese cuisine. I sat at the sushi bar and watched chef Sean Park and his team assemble some of the most beautiful and delicious bites of food imaginable with fish literally flown in from the legendary Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo. This is the sort of meal where you engage most of your senses—smell, sight, and of course taste—for lots of shut-your-eyes and savor moments.

And unlike some of the new omakase concepts which for some might feel a little traditional and stringent, Norifish is much more relaxed and modern feeling with chef Park happily taking some rewarding risks in his sushi preparations. Also you don't have to sit at the sushi bar for the experience, the staff will bring the omakase to your table if you choose.

The restaurant currently offers three omakase options: the petite with nine items for $60 per person; the standard with 12 items for $90 per person; and the premium with 17 items for $140 per person. If you aren't into the omakase thing, they offer not only a la carte sushi but also warm dishes such as yellowtail and salmon belly with crunchy rice, chu-toro and quail egg toast, and spicy fish tostadas, all with the option to add sturgeon caviar.

So while you don't have to be a sushi black belt to enjoy Norifish, don't go in and ask for a California roll, please. There are other places for that.

Reservations are recommended but not required.

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