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Craving really fresh, really flavorful Greek/Mediterranean grub? Check out KARV Kitchen the new cheffed-up, fast-casual cuisine which recently opened in Brookhaven. The menu zeros in on Greek classics such as gourmet gyros and wraps, braised lamb shank and grilled lamb chops which you can wrap in a pita (classic-style pita or a crunchier Greek-imported Zea Pita) or stack the protein over rice, fries, potatoes or even Keto-style over braised collards with chickpeas, red beans & roasted vegetables. House-made sauces such as peri-peri, spicy tzatziki and caper chimichurri are smother-worthy for the entrees or even on their craveable hand-cut KARV fries. I also loved their imported Greek sodas and there is also beer and wine from Greece, Italy and Spain, as well as local Atlanta microbrews to wash down the wonderful flavors. And you absolutely must wrap things up with an order of their decadent Loukoubombs, Karv's version of Lokma, baby Greek donuts, paired with locally-produced Yom brand ice cream.

Restauranteur Sandy Papadopoulos made a name with Athens Pizza and with Karv Kitchen is looking to expand the philhellene movement into a broader space. With talks of more Karv Kitchens to come, the buzz should only grow.

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