Hawkers Asian Street Fare

There are a quite a few new restaurants that pay homage to street foods-these are dishes that you typically would buy from a vendor on a bustling city street. Right now Atlanta has some great Indian street food, Mexican street food and now, with the new Hawkers Asian Street Fare you can instantly teleport to a street in Bankok or Bejing or Seoul. In Asia, "hawkers" are street vendors who peddle their wares from mobile carts and stands, serving generational family recipes so Hawkers Asian Street Fare has assembled the best of the best of these dishes from all over the continent and serve them up in a slick new spot just off the Atlanta Beltline.

Inside the restaurant the design conveys a bristle of street energy-bright neon lights, modern art and graffiti all mashed together. The room feels packed-in but alive, and the servers scurry between tables bringing out the goods. Outside, a sitting area overlooks the hustle and flow of the Beltline and the battalions of scooters and runners going by.

The menu is divided into small plates, noodle plates and soups, rice dishes, salads and sweets. Some of my favorite were the roasted duck,lettuce wraps (the duck takes 3 days to prepare), Korean twice fried wings, chicken bulgogi skewers, roti bread, kimchi fried rice and satay chicken tacos. It's a phenomenal place to order a bunch of dishes to share and the options are so plentiful that you will need repeat visits to even come close to trying them all.

Hawkers also has great drinks like Vietnamese coffee and herbal teas as well as some clever cocktails like the "Bull in a China Shop," "Chinese Fire Drill," the "Gin Rickshaw" and several Tiki drinks like "Tiki, Do You Love Me."

Yet another reason to come visit the Beltline if you never have, Hawkers brings another vivid brushstroke to our ever-growing Atlanta culinary color palate.

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