Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse

For those not familiar with Brazilian steakhouses or churrascarias, they are just one of the all-time great concepts for meat-eaters. Most of them start with great cuts of meat, chicken, lamb and pork, salt the meats and then cook it rotisserie-style over charcoal. At your table you let the servers or gauchos know you are ready to eat when you flip over a little green disk beside you. Wave after delicious wave of tender meat come until you need a break or you are finished in which case you flip the disk over to red, letting the gaucho know to leave you alone. It's unreal.

There really have been up until now 2 classes of Brazilian steakhouses-the super-upscale and rather pricey variety of which there are a couple of good ones in Buckhead, and a handful of the less upscale and more economical ones scattered around East Cobb and on Buford Highway.

The new Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse on Mansell in Alpharetta seems to have found the sweet spot in the middle. The restaurant is beautiful and feels upscale. The "salad" bar (and let's be honest, "salad" bar really does not do it justice; this is more an unlimited smorgasbord of offerings from fresh mussels, to seared tuna, to shrimp to fancy cheeses and several dozen other offerings of which you could easily make a meal)-is simply a magnificent bounty.Also the little dishes they bring to your table as if you didn't have enough food-the puffy cheese bread, the fried plantains, and yucca fries-those are all on point.

And it's only after you have gorged yourself on all the incredible food that do you even think about getting into the 16 different cuts of meat cooked up by the skilled hand of chef Ernani Santos Junior. Flip over your disk and let the games begin. Galeto gauchos come out with premium top sirloin, lamb chops, beef ribs, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, Brazilian sausage, ribeye, chicken, pork loin and pork ribs. The hard part is pacing yourself.

I went with a Brazilian friend who declared Galeto his favorite in the city. I have to concur. And what is really is of note is the value: the price for adults is $44 for all you can eat steak and the salad bar. If you are not a predatory meat-eater, the salad bar alone is $36, also a tremendous value for the quality of food. This is significantly less than the Buckhead churrascarias and, often, cheaper than just an a la carte steak by itself in many places.

If you are a fan of the Brazilian Steak concept, want the upscale experience but not the Buckhead prices, Galeto has the sizzle you are looking for.

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