Fogon and Lions

The new Fogon and Lions roars into downtown Alpharetta with a confident swagger serving up Latin wood-fired bites with roots in Spain, Mexico, South America, and Chef Julio Delgado's native Puerto Rico. Fogon's Spanish translation is "stove" and this open kitchen employs an impressive 14-foot open-hearth wood-burning contraption to cook some of the most delicious bites north of I-20.

Expect an assemblage of some of the all-time classic south-of-the-border dishes: marinated fire-roasted meats (aka churrasco) which include skirt steak, lamb shank, chicken and even a whole roast suckling pig (please order 72 hours in advance). The charcuterie offerings include Cinco Jotas, considered to be one of the best cured Iberian hams in the world. Then there are a kaleidoscope of pintxos, tapas, ceviches, croquetas, tacos and even a colossal wood-fired seafood paella that serves 2-4.

Located on Roswell Street just off the main Alpharetta drag, the energy flows from the restaurant inside and out with live music, rum and tequila in the cocktails and wines from Spain and South America. Its next-door neighbor is Pizzeria Minnie Olivia (which is also run by Delgado) making it one of the most formidable culinary corners in Atlanta.

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