Fire Hen

My wife laughs at me for how much I love chicken. Fried chicken, chicken parmesan, BBQ chicken, Italian chicken--when I see one of our fine feathered friends on the menu, I am usually all in!

So when I heard about a new quick-serve poultry spot that was open in Buckhead I flocked over as quickly as my wings would carry me. Fire Hen clucks in heart of Buckhead on Irby, next door to the iconic Woody's Cheesesteaks and a couple of doors down from the infamous Five Paces tavern. Charcoal is the name of the game for cooking these birds--imported Peruvian smoking rotisseries sit behind the counter in their stainless steel glory. Inside spits rotate the birds around the aromatic smoke, breaking down the protein and infusing it with the smoke.

The result is some of the tenderest, juiciest, and most explosive flavor you will ever eat in chicken. Choose a half or a whole bird, either "The Fire," a spicy bird (marinated with garlic, herbs, and hot pepper), or "The Hen" a less spicy version (marinated in garlic, herbs, and citrus flavors). Then choose a dipping sauce like spicy BBQ, maple buttercream, chimichurri or jalapeno and mint (this sauce should be patented and mass-distributed, it's that freakishly good). Also check out one of their savory "Hand Pies," little pastry pockets stuffed with rich, delicious fillings like spicy ground chuck and slow-cooked lamb. Also be sure to check out the Thanksgiving Sandwich with their pulled chicken on French bread with fresh strawberries, greens, parmesan cheese, and sweet and savory mayo.

An eclectic array of sides ides include mac-n-cheese served "fondue style" cheese sauce over Gemelli pasta, a savory long grain wild rice dish and house-made mashed potatoes that are a silky, umami delight. For dessert try the chocolate mousse with banana cream or the apple tart with caramel sauce and wash down with a "Stubborn Soda," a line of agave-sweetened gourmet fountain sodas with unusual flavors like pineapple cream or hibiscus citrus orange.

A fun and delicious offering, Fire Hen appears to be a concept that could easily spread its wings into multiple locations. For now, the Buckhead outpost is your only hen house so go in or order here.

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