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Justin Amick of the Painted Pin and Painted Duck--described as "distinguished drinkeries, duckpin bowling, and gaming parlor located in Buckhead and on the westside" articulated the difficulty facing restauranteurs in the coming weeks and months. Beyond just the health and public safety challenges (there are 39 mandatory guidelines for operators to reopen dining rooms in GA), staffing issues, supplies...and ultimately being able to make a profit are just a few of the previously unthinkable potential landmines sprawling out into their futures.

Callers raised great questions: what if restaurants open too soon and the virus spikes because people are out and about in a closed environment? Are the restaurants responsible if a worker or diner contracts the virus while on the premises (I am not a lawyer but I think you would have an impossible time trying to prove that). Also, could you then sue if you caught a cold or the flu at a restaurant? But it does beg questions about liabilities (which was already a precarious and expensive to insure tightrope for restauranteur).

Justin laid out many of his challenges: can he get the supplies needed (a caller brought up the point that no-touch infrared thermometers are impossible to find)? What if they train the staff but patrons lose inhibition after drinking and don't adhere to guidelines? What if cleaning the air becomes a requirement? If they have to close lanes in the bowling alley, can they generate enough income to make it worth staying open?

But Amick was also optimistic. Entrepreneurs like him are resourceful and resilient. A game-changer could come along (like a treatment or antibody testing breakthrough). We can do this! If you want to support bowling alleys, Justin is selling t-shirts to help them--buy online here.

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