Antico (Frozen) Pizza Goes Viral!

Barstool Sports, the online digital and social media phenomenon with millions of subscribers has brought some much-welcomed attention to Atlanta's own Antico Pizza with a frozen pizza review from Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy's apartment. Typically Portnoy posts a review every Monday - Friday at 6 pm ET with his "One bite everybody knows the rules" reviews from pizza establishments around the country and the YouTube channel has 227,000 subscribers. Portnoy had previously visited Antico in midtown last January and gave the pizza a very respectable 8.3 (one of the highest ratings he's awarded). But with COVID, Portnoy has been relegated to review from his home and own oven. From the supermarket pizza to uber-gourmet, Portnoy has kept it going since restaurants had to temporarily shutter over a month ago and gave Antico's frozen pies the highest award for Neapolitan pies in the US. To see the original Antico review here and the new frozen clip click here. If you love it, order your own frozen Antico pies here!

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